Wow Gym is providing a unique and demanding technique which unites the ancient YOGA and modern fitness principles. Either you want to lose weight gain strength, flexibility, increase stability, boost your sports performing power or a new way to relax – All you can get with the one term Yoga. It is simple, less or no equipment required, anywhere poses to help you to achieve better health and fitness goal under the guidance of Wow yoga trainer.


Power yoga is combination of yoga postures with the advanced aerobic moves. In this form of yoga, you can achieve the ancient yogic postures and synchronizing them with rhythmic patterns of breathing.

Yoga Power Yoga
Simple Yoga is done in one set moving in and out of postures with simple breathing. Power Yoga is done by repeatedly changing of the positions without any break including the mixtures of stretching, asanas, movement and rigorous breathing.
Anybody can do Simple yoga Power Yoga effectively not suitable for all, especially for pregnant women, So should be done under guidance.
In Simple yoga there are many poses which are performed quickly. In Power yoga, there are fewer poses carried out to be long
In simple yoga, simple steps are done to relax mind and body. Power Yoga is done to muscles workout.
It is done in slow speed with the repetition of the posture after a certain interval. It includes the changing to every time new posture
Simple yoga improves and focuses on the healing process and breathing pattern. Power yoga based on the full body functional movement to achieve muscle strength and processing your metabolism to lose weight.

ZUMBA/BHANGRA = weightloss Enjoyed

Wow  Gym’s Zumba is the more interesting and enjoyable workout. It combines the Latin and International music with popular Latin dances such as salsa, mambo, merengue, and samba and aerobic movement to the energetic music.
We at Wow Gym perform Zumba as an interval workout moving from high intensity to low intensity to boost your cardio endurance.

At Wow Gym, we’ve mixed this international dance form with our dynamic traditional dance called Bhangra termed as ZUMBHANGRA. Each week, participants can learn a more in-depth Zumba Bhangra and get inspired by Wow Gym’s Choregraphers to a popular dance floor hit.


 Its an easy and dynamic type of workout done with the rhythm of music and perform as a dance for:

More Flexibility of muscles

Low Impact on body

Proper Aerobic Movement

Strengthening the core, legs, arms, glutes muscles

Burning more calories in terms of body fats


Wow Gym Mixed Martial Arts practice is the most training available in the country. Our Mixed Martial Arts expert instructors will help you to increase strength, endurance, mastery in MMA and Self-defence irrespective of your age, gender or experience level.

Mixed Martial Arts is the blend form of Martial Arts(MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay thai, Kick boxing, Boxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling & Gymnastics. Mixed Martial Arts is an ultimate, most effective and most comprehensive combat style.


  • Potential unwanted weight Loss
  • Put on lean muscle mass
  • Improving the Cardiovascular endurance
  • Mastering the entire world arts of self-defense and attacking
  • A buildup of the self-esteem and self-confidence and taking it to the highest peak
  • Slower down the aging by intense blood pumping workout
  • Get an attractive package of muscles from head to the toe.
  • Get to know the Importance of Strong Values and Good Character which also Improve Effort andMotivation
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Wow Gym specially works on the grappling and ground fighting which helps you in understanding to how to control and manipulate the strong and opponent. After learning Jiu Jitsu basics and applying its submission will allow a smaller person control and dominate on a larger one to knock without throwing single kick or punch.

    Muay Thai: Its an artwork of 8 weapons (Punches, Elbows, Kicks, and Knees, Fists, Shins, etc) to attack and defend. Wow Gym’s Muay Thai program is designed in an interesting manner to use various parts of the body for the enjoyable workout. It is more benefitial for those who wants to remain in the shape and get stronger.

    Boxing: Wow Gym has planned boxing style as its origin form which is effectively and solely based on the punching technique. Trainers at Wow Gym instructs how to effectively fastened your hand speed, improving reflexes and better head the movements.

    Kickboxing: Merging the karate, Judo, Boxing, Muay Thai forms Kickboxing widely recognized as a Stand-up basis of MMA.

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