Strength And Conditioning

Do you want to become ready for anything? When was the last time you were training like an athlete? Ever you dreamed of lifting cars off babies scoring the winning goal?

For all these, you have to be ready for the extreme level of Training Program to become a better strength and conditioning athlete. The answer is somewhere in the decades and more in the past, when running, catching, throwing, sprinting were the part of the main course of training.

What can strength exercise do for you?

Strength and Conditioning are the advanced level of the Athletic program focus on the improving both the Muscular Strength and Power with the use of the special technique called post-activation Potentiation(PAP)  or commonly referred as complex training. Complex Training includes both the Strength exercises and the Power exercises to improve both muscle force production (Strength) and rate of the force production I.e. Power. A complex training set in Wow Gym involves these exercise back to back. Its just like, We coaches of the Wow Gym challenging the athletes to make it through a game being as strong and swift at the final whistle will rank first.


Cardio is an exercise to increase the heart rate and its endurance as well as in expanding the lung capacity which allows you to breathe heavily. In this exercise, the lungs supply oxygen-rich blood to the working muscles and they use it for energy production for movement. As we all know, our body needs to move to keep muscles in shape. And this movement makes them stronger and stronger for a more efficient and healthy body.


Healthy Heart – The Cardio practice makes the heart to work more efficiently

 Increased Bone Density

Weight Loss – All the Cardio exercise burn calories and effectively help in burning Fat and losing weight.

Better Sleep and more energy – It makes the body tired to sleep easily and enables our body to regain more energy, increase Stamina.


Heart Benefits: Our body does not show the symptoms of heart diseases until stress is applied. Then, treadmill in Wow Gym and the trainers diagnose heart disease, artery blockage, and another cardiac issue and resolve them in the manner as much as possible.
Benefits to Diabetics: Treadmills are the easy and convenient way to encourage a diabetic person to do the regular workout. Especially for the Type 2 diabetics, its necessary to have a regular workout. In Wow Gym, we try to maintain the regularity of the candidate and open a new gate towards the healthy life.
It is fun:  At homes, you put your regular routine workout while playing with treadmill, but at gyms like Wow Gym, you get to meet the Goals of others which encourage you to beat them each by day and it increases your interest to go for the regularities.



Walking/Treadmill Walking or running on Treadmill is the best exercise and put less stress on the body rather than running outdoors. If you are thinking that how treadmill helps you to achieve your goal of getting “fitness” and “weight loss”. Then the best Part is, treadmill at Wow Gym and their trainers provide a safe and convenient workout to achieve the goal. It monitors the heart rate and blood pressure of the person.


From the name, it’s easy to understand that one has to create a distance goal and have to keep regular practice to achieve it. If you are a distance runner, you should train like a distance runner. If you train like a sprinter. Steadily running can only burns calories but sprints can take it to the next level.


You can easily lose weight at Wow Gym only by sitting on the bicycles in the corner of the gym for a couple of minutes. It offers you effectively more advantage over jogging. The best advantage is that cycling is a lower impact workout, so it does not affect the joints as in case of jogging. So, instead to go for the jogging one should join Wow Gym to effectively put your efforts at right place under the guidance of professional trainers.


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