Functional Training

Functional training and exercises prepare the individuals body to perform the various forms activities and enhance the nervous system to work in a movement pattern more easily which are directly related to our everyday life, work or sports without getting injuries.


Equipment Required

Functional literally means ‘Aim to be practical and Useful’ rather than attractive’

Its origins belongs to the rehabilitation. Most of the Chiropractors and Physical therapist use this approach in retaining the patients suffering from the movement disorder.

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  • Clubbells
  • Macebells
  • Cable machines
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells

Benefits Of 

Functional Training

*Building “inner strength”


*Improve balance

*Improve range of motion

*Build Muscles

*Burn More Calories for longer period of time

Cross Fit Training

Who is it for?

Wondering why people who do CrossFit are Awesomely Fit? Then, its no secret because CrossFit needs discipline so you can survive for the WOD (Workout of the Day). CrossFit is the High intense level physical Training program that merges elements of weight lifting, gymnastics, old-school gym-class exercises, circuit training and aerobic conditioning all under one roof. CrossFit is highly in demand and enhances the capacities of the best athletes.


Benefits of CrossFit:

  1. Save Time:CrossFit is variedly wide program based on the high intensity functional movement. This type of exercise is considered to be best for achieving effective fitness in the fastest amount of time.
  2. Helps in No time weight Loss:Most of the people are interested in doing steady-state cardio exercises which force them to create anyway hope to lose weight. Its vast training exercise actually burn more fat in short interval of time.
  3. Offers Variety of exercises:Everyone gets bored by the continuity of the same exercises but in this program at Wow Gym, the instructors masters you in the wide range of exercises day by day.
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